Customer-Centered Service

I work to be the Lawyer I would hire.

You should have peace of mind. You should get hassle-free results with innovation, efficiency, and accountability. By using a balanced approach, I do what it takes while keeping down costs, which helps preserve your lifestyle and financial security. I use a can-do spirit to guide you through the legal process with compassion, understanding, attention, dignity, and expertise. How important is your legal matter? Does it consume a great deal of your thoughts and energy? I know how stressful legal matters can be. How important is your legal matter to an attorney? Many attorneys simply consider your crisis as just another thing to scratch off a to-do list. My business culture gives everyone the right to customer-centered service.

In what areas can I help you?

-I will help you determine which Estate Plan best minimizes the frustrations and challenges every family faces when a loved one dies.

-I will help Individuals and Businesses with Tax Planning, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant Matters, Real Estate, Asset Protection and more.

-I provide Consulting Services to ensure your Business complies with the law, and I'll help with your Business Planning needs.

Keith is strongly involved in the local community. He serves on numerous Boards of non-profit organizations. He is a former United States Marine. Keith worked in the business world as an Information Technology Director. Keith is a hard worker who loves to learn new topics; and more importantly, how to better serve others.